Iceland 1936

Eric Ennion made his solo trip to Iceland in the spring of 1936, sailing from Hull aboard the Godafoss on 19th May and returning on 8th June. On arriving in Reykjavik he decided not to spend time travelling north to the famed Lake Myvatn but instead chose to explore Lake Thingvellir. The highlight of the trip was his encounter with Harlequins in the Sog Gorge. There he sketched them from a makeshift hide and photographed a drake “with a five-bob Baby Brownie” (with which he took all these photographs) at a distance of about nine feet. Eric’s account of his Iceland exploits appears in One Man’s Birds, which also reproduces many of the sketches he made there.

Ennion    Ennion
On the Godafoss

Ennion    Ennion
Sog Gorge – looking away from the lake

Ennion    Ennion    Ennion
Drake Harlequin

Ennion    Ennion
Upper Hengil valley

Ennion    Ennion
Middle Hengil valley

Images © the Estate of E A R Ennion

Lake Thingvellir – camp I

Sog Gorge, towards the lake

Red-necked Phalaropes

Hot Springs, Hengil

Upper Hengil – Lake Thingvellir beyond

Camp V – below Sleggia

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